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Welcome to
Welcome to, the home site for the Shacknews LOTRO Kinship, Ghosts of Gladden Fields.

On this site, you'll find our forums, which you can use to find out what Kinship members are making and what they need, get a group together for questing, or chat about other issues.

Also, be aware that our Teamspeak server is running at Jump into the LOTRO channel - it makes questing much easier!
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     Loremaster Flanking - What is it
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Poster Thread
Posted on: 2008/4/8 11:14
Joined: 2008/3/26
Posts: 4
Loremaster Flanking - What is it
Hey guys, I didn't really know this beforehand, and this seems like pretty important info to know if you are a loremaster:
Posted on: 2008/4/10 0:24
Joined: 2008/4/10
Posts: 1
Re: Loremaster Flanking - What is it
shit how are you supposed to know this stuff
Posted on: 2008/4/28 12:23
Joined: 2008/4/1
From: Hillsboro, OR
Posts: 8
Re: Loremaster Flanking - What is it
Read the lorebook entries on your class? Ask for tips from experienced LMs?

Here's a tip from me: find lots of gear and traits that boost your morale. I rarely if ever run out of power, and if I do, I can just leech power off of whatever mob we're fighting, but you can't leech morale so you need a ton of it.
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